G BOXV is a Pitts Special S1SE.  This designation means it is a single seater with a symmetrical airfoil section, four ailerons, and originally powered by a 180 hp (134 kW) Lycoming AEIO-360.  The aircraft was built from a factory kit in Miami Florida and registered in the US as N272822.  After a short period in the US the aircraft was imported to UK and registered as G BOXV under a Permit to Fly with the Popular Flying Association (now the Light Aircraft Association).  

After going through several owners G BOXV was purchased in 2001 and completely renovated by Aerographic Ltd  under the expert guidance of Rob Millinship,  who specialises in the construction and maintenance of Pitts Specials throughout UK.  

G-BOXV undergoing full restoration in 2002

G-BOXV was purchased by Pitts Special Displays in 2002 and has since undergone extensive improvements to make it the most comprehensively equipped single seat Pitts in the UK.  Work has included the fitting of a Smokin Planes smoke oil system in 2013

Fitting the display smoke oil system 2013

In early 2019 a one for one replacement for the original engine was fitted by Superpower Engineering of Oxford.

Replacement engine ready for installation
 Engine installation January 2019
Engine installed January 2019